Quality Management System

A Quality Management System is currently being implemented according to the ISO 9001:2010 standard.


Our translation process meets all the basic requirements of the norm, and goes beyond this level of quality because, for all of our projects, we use a translator, a proof-reader and an editor who are three different linguists specializing in the subject area of the source text. In addition, each project we work on goes through an in-house Language Quality Assurance procedure prior to delivery.


In the event that there are any issues found in any of the 4 stages (translation, proofreading, editing and final LQA), the project is returned to the previous stage to be fixed and then returned to the next stage of the LQA process.


It is also important to note that we do not outsource our work to other translation companies and work only with stand alone linguists who have gone through our testing and recruitment process in order to have full control over the quality at each translation project step.


Continuous assessment

In order to assure that linguists provide high quality work on all projects, all work carried out by a linguist is recorded and evaluated on a 10 point scale. The translators’ work is evaluated by a proof-reader. Then the work of both the translator and the proof-reader is evaluated by an editor. This is done for every project at NEO NATAN. There are specific LQA forms for each evaluation phase all three linguists have to fill in.